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Tonight we focus on chapter 8: The Law of Nonresistance

For many people, the idea of "turning the other cheek" means agreeing to be someone else's doormat. Nonresistance does not make you a doormat. On the contrary, it makes you the strongest person in any situation.

Eric Butterworth believes that "if Jesus' teachings of nonresistance (found in Matt 5:29-48) were universally understood and practiced, we would see an end to all war, to all conflict between nations, between factions, classes, and raced. And we would see the one giant step needed toward eliminating the root cause of all physical illness."

Tonight, we examine Jesus' teachings on nonresistance.

Our series text is Eric Butterworth's Discover the Power Within You. Feel free to leave comments and questions below.


Sherri James

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Want to follow along? Get the book at Amazon.com. Tonight we're working from Chapter 8: The Law of Nonresistance