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Tonight we focus on chapter 4: Laws of Attraction

When The Secret came out more than a decade ago in 2006, the law of attraction received an inordinate amount of attention. The movie painted a very rosy picture of how the law of attraction works and when novices could not “make it work” for them, thinkpieces were written to deride those who believe in the law of attraction.

I remember Wayne Dyer and other thinkers releasing videos and blog posts to explain that the reason people had difficulty working the law of attraction is because it’s a secondary law. Tonight, I want to deal with what it means to call the law of attraction a secondary law and then I want to share with you how you can “make” the law of attraction work for you.

The question we answer tonight is this: How do I make the law of attraction work for me?

Our series text is Bruce McArthur's Your Life: Why It Is the Way It Is and What You Can Do About It.


Sherri James

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NEW RESOURCE ADDED THIS WEEK! Audiobook of Florence Scovel Shinn's classic "The Game of Life and How to Play It"

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You Life by Bruce McArthur

Want to follow along? Get the book at Amazon.com. Tonight we're working from Chapter 4: Laws of Attraction