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Resouces for Personal Change

How to Speak Victory Into Being

Victory Is Mine One of the consistent themes found in Scripture is victory over adversity through God. It does not matter whether that adversity is presented by a person, place or thing; linked with God, victory can be and is yours. It is fitting then that we conclude this 9-part series on the power of [Continue Reading]

How to Live Fearlessly: 7 Reasons I Am Not Afraid of Donald Trump

Who among us believes that it is possible to live fearlessly? At the time of this writing, the US is engaged in what may just be the most bizarre election season we have seen…at least in my lifetime. A recent scroll of my Facebook feed and I find commentary upon commentary about the state our [Continue Reading]

How to Speak with Authority

What is it that keeps us from speaking with authority? A recent Google for “how to speak with authority” turns up over 306 million hits. Yet every entry addresses this topic from an external point of view. One entry advised: “To begin speaking with authority, add deliberate pauses to your sentences.” Another article gives you [Continue Reading]