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There isn't just one takeaway, there is just so much wisdom to receive. 

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Tonight we focus on chapter 2: Like Begets (Part 2)

Did you know that Universal Law has a purpose beyond simply being the rules of engagement for our Universe? Its purpose is transformation — specifically, your personal transformation (and mine, too).  

Everything in the Kingdom has purpose. For Universal Law not to have a purpose would make It an outlier in the way our Creator has laid out the Divine Blueprint.  

Universal Law does not punish. We are never punished for our sins — our mistakes. However, we can be punished by them. We can choose our way into a limited condition until we are “forced” to make a right choice in order to save ourselves.  

The Law always seeks to compel us to make the right choice because the right choice opens us up for a greater expression of Spirit. The right choice positions us to be of greater service to humankind; the right choice prospers us and everyone around us.

Our series text is Bruce McArthur's Your Life: Why It Is the Way It Is and What You Can Do About It.


Sherri James

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Do you know the #1 reason most people lack peace of mind around money? They have the WRONG ATTITUDE, which chases money away -- a reality few people can afford in the new 'gig economy' where many adults who work hold multiple jobs just to piece together a full time living. 

With 20th century job security gone, we must respond differently. People everywhere keep asking, "How can I begin to plan to my life? How can I know I'll have enough work to put a meal on the table for my kids, to pay bills, let alone to save for a mortgage or get a roof over my own head?" 

Nearly 50% of the workforce lacks a full-time job. The gig economy's feast or famine cycle demands a new attitude. The Money Poems will teach you the right attitude toward money. 

The Money Poems Book Cover

TWO RESOURCES ADDED THIS WEEK! Hat tip to Constance Mann-Leonard in Baltimore, MD for this week's goodie!

Universal Law Library

Keep Up with the Class!

You Life by Bruce McArthur

Want to follow along? Get the book at Amazon.com. Tonight we're working from Chapter 2: Like Begets