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As I empty my cup, it is being filled and I am grateful. 

~ Bible Hangout Participant

Tonight we examine chapter 16: Setting Your Ideals in Accord with Spirit

Let’s begin with a definition of ideals. As a noun, the word ideal refers to a person or thing that you regard as perfect. For example, you might say of someone you love, “You’re my ideal of how a man (or woman) should be.” Other words that can be substituted for the word ideal include: perfection, paragon, epitome, shining example.

When I first read this chapter in Bruce McArthur’s Your Life, I felt immediate resistance to the idea of perfection. How many people live highly unsatisfying lives attempting to live up to some unrealistic standard? In fact, when I first read through the chapter, I remembered a meme someone posted about women who insist upon “waiting for Mr. Right.” 

The last thing I want to become in my business is the person for whom nothing is ever good enough. Tonight, we tackle a holistic approach to setting ideals in accord with God.


That's our conversation tonight...

Our series text is Bruce McArthur's Your Life: Why It Is the Way It Is and What You Can Do About It.


Sherri James

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I experienced how The Money Poems work one night while cooking dinner. I'd just started reciting my poems two days prior when our internet went out at the house. My mother had gotten out of the hospital a few weeks prior. Since my parents are retired, the hospital stay altered their monthly income. Basically, things were tight and my father needed an extra week pay the full amount.

He called to get an extension and reconnection of services. The customer service representative told him there was nothing that could be done until the full amount was paid. When my dad told me what was said, I encouraged him to call back. I also suggested my mother be with him on the phone for the second call.

As my parents sat in the home office waiting to speak to a representative for the second time, I completed dinner and picked up my copy of The Money Poems I began reciting, softly, the poem f the day, which was Wednesday. I would recite the poem and go back to reading the book. Once I heard them on the phone with the new representative and his supervisr, I continuously recited the Wednesday poem. I was relaxed and smiling every time I recited the poem Once I felt completely at ease, I stopped and continued to read the book.

When my parents completed their phonecall, they informed me that the supervisor saw they'd never been disconnected before and agreed to turn on the interet service within the hour. I smiled to myself and announced, dinner was ready. 

~Dee Johnson (Houston, TX)

The Money Poems Book Cover

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You Life by Bruce McArthur

Want to follow along? Get the book at Amazon.com. Tonight we're working from Chapter 16: Setting Your Ideals in Accord with Spirit