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The Secret to Deliberate Creation

The idea of deliberate creation can seem like a pie-in-the-sky philosophy. To say that you are the cause of all that happens to you appears insensitive. In the face of a debilitating experience or a prolonged condition, a statement like that sounds ridiculous. It suggests that you wanted what is happening to you right now.

In a moment where everything seems so much bigger than you feel and no one — not even your own family — has extended a helping hand, the last thing you want to hear is that you are the cause of all that happens to you.

Yesterday I had the chance to attend a private training with the venerable Rev. Ed Bacon. He said, “Religious people are trying to keep you from going to hell; spiritual people have already been there.” I write today as one who has been to hell, survived what felt like the worst and come back to tell the story of how to get out of hell.

Understanding Turns On the Light

I learned that darkness cannot survive light. The moment I shined light on the darkest places in my experience, darkness disappeared. You can shine the light on your darkest experience. When you do, light floods your entire being and darkness flees.

Understanding controls the light switch. Everywhere you develop understanding shines light and erases darkness. Rev. Della often says, “You cannot do what you do not understand.” Every seeming rut indicates can be erased by developing the understanding of what caused it.

The secret to getting out of hell (and staying out) lies in understanding the laws of cause and effect.

Once you understand how your experience is put together, life changes. The moment you understand¬†that everything that “occurs on the physical level has been created on the physical level has been created on the spiritual or mental level…” you turn on the light and free yourself from darkness.

Laws of Cause and Effect Don’t Have Caveats

But what about other people? What about the government? What about factors beyond my control?

Nothing ever happens by chance. “The fact that large numbers of people are involved does not change the fact that those individuals, through the choices they have made over long periods of time, have brought themselves to that place, circumstance, and involvement” (McArthur).

The key phrase in that statement is “…through the choices they have made over long periods of time…” Everywhere we have been, everything we have been through came about through a season of sowing (or making choices). Every choice points you in a particular direction. Choices strung together, over time, lead you somewhere.

Jesus expresses the same understanding when asked about the people killed after rebelling against Pilate and the eighteen people “randomly” killed by the tower that fell in Siloam (see Luke 13:1-5). He explains: “No, I tell you; but unless you repent, you will all perish just as they did” (Luke 13:5).

Our choices produce our chances. Think different thoughts and you change your mind. Change your mind and you make different choices. Change your choices and you change your chances. The laws of cause and effect have no caveats. “Repent or you will perish just as they did.”

Every Thought Has a Purpose

Nature helps me understand every thought has a purpose. For example, the purpose of an apple seed is to deliver apples. Now, purpose does not determine the kind of apples delivered. That depends entirely on the kind of seed planted.

There are more than 7,500 different known varieties of apples throughout the world.

So, what¬†kind¬†of apple will you get? Well…what¬†kind of seed did you sow? To understand the fruit, study the seed.

Like the apple seed, your thought seed has purpose. Its purpose is to become an experience. What¬†kind¬†of experience will you get? Well…what¬†kind¬†of seed did you sow? To understand your experience, study the thought seed that produced it.

The only purpose a thought of lack can fulfill is to produce experiences of lack. The only purpose a thought of fear can fulfill is to produce experiences of fear. When you find yourself in the midst of unwanted experience, know in your heart that the seed that produced it can only fulfill according to its purpose.

Purpose Does Not Suggest Inevitability

“Everything happens for a reason,” is a popular response to unwanted and/or negative experiences. Yes, your experience has purpose because the thought seed that produced it had purpose; but that does not mean it had¬†to happen.

You do not have to go through a specific experience to achieve a specific outcome. We draw our lessons in life according to the beliefs we hold about ourselves and others. Life can be a battle but it does not have to be.

The moment you change your belief, you shift the experiences that you have to go through.

Assign Meaning That Empowers You

No matter what happens assign an empowering meaning. Life gets better when you “learn how to think rightly instead of wrongly” (McArthur). When we assign an empowering meaning to experience, we think rightly. When we assign a disempowering meaning to experience, we think wrongly.

We have naming power. We decide whether an experience is good or bad.

The meaning you assign to any experience charges the atmosphere around you so much so that whatever you call it, that’s what it becomes to you. And, you respond, “I knew this is why I needed this to happen,” not realizing that it was your assignment that controlled the outcome.

That’s why James told us to “count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience” (James 1:2). When you consider it joy — no matter what it is — you change how it processes in and through you. You change what it means for your experience.

Do the Work to Think Better

No garden grows overnight. A single choice did not put you where you sit. You are where you are because of a series of choices.¬†“There is no such thing as luck. Nothing ever happens by chance. Everything good or bad, that comes into your life is there as a result of unvarying, inescapable law” (Emmet Fox).

That’s great news!

Why? Because if you will “learn how to think rightly instead of wrongly,” you can make immediate improvements in your life. Today you can turn the tide of fortune in your favor.

Let’s prove God. I recommend you get a journal to keep track of your dominant thinking. Make a point to check in with ¬†yourself every three to six hours and reflect on your thinking. What kinds of thoughts dominated your thinking? What kinds of things caught your attention? How did you feel during that block of time?

In time, you will learn how you think and you will be in a position to change or improve it.

Your Job Happens Before the Seed Gets Planted

It may help to know that you have influence over the outcome of any situation. “Like a gardener, you have a part to play in the manifestation of your creation” (McArthur). Before the gardener plants, he selects the best seeds and tills the soil. To the best of his ability, ¬†he makes sure that he establishes the best environment¬†before planting.

The equivalent for us is giving careful attention to our thoughts, purposes, aims and desires. The law of cause says, “as thought and purpose and aim and desire are set in motion by minds, their effect is a condition that is” (McArthur).

In other words, the way that we think, the purpose and the intention of our heart and what we truly want all come together to influence the “soil” into which our thought seed gets planted. God handles the details after the seed is planted but your job happens before the seed gets planted.

How Is Deliberate Creation Possible?

The thing to remember about deliberate creation is that “the Universe handles the details of growth and gives the increase — your creation. The creative process is impartial, so we can create our lives as well as the good and the beautiful” (McArthur).

How can you call it deliberate creation if the Universe controls growth and increase?

Let us remember the example of an apple. An apple seed will produce an apple. But the kind of seed determines the kind of apple you receive. And, the quality of the seed and the quality of the soil determine the quality of the apple you receive. Everyone who plants an apple seed does not receive the same kind and quality of apple. They receive according to the kind and quality of the seed planted.

So it is with experience. The fine details of your experience cannot be determined but the kind of experience you can expect, where that experience takes place and the quality of that experience all lie within the realm of your control.

Because we often do not know all that we believe, we get experiences that turn out very differently than what we imagined in our hearts and minds.

Name Everything and Everyone Good

“None of us likes to think that we don’t know what is good or bad for us. Yet so often what we think will be good for us seemingly turns out otherwise and that which we consider bad eventually proves to be a necessary step in our growth” (McArthur).

Because the Universe is friendly and is biased toward our success, it really makes sense for us to see everyone is good for our personal growth and transformation. Don’t take my word for it. Try it.

Give yourself a 7-day window and record your impressions over that time in a journal. No matter what happens to you in that 7-day window, name it good.

Test this stuff out. If you choose to reject idea that calling everything good, try it before you dismiss it. And, I encourage you not to accept it blindly. Prove it to yourself by experiment.

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