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Prayer: The Art of Believing Without Evidence

***All quotes are from Chapter 2 of Neville Goddard’s Prayer: The Art of Believing.***

First: Know How Your Consciousness is Constructed

For Neville, consciousness is comprised of two parts: conscious and subconscious. Of the two parts, the subconscious is infinitely greater. He equates the conscious with objective consciousness — what a person knows¬†— and the subconscious with¬†subjective consciousness — what a person¬†is.

I and my Father are one by my Father is greater than I. For Neville, this verse explains the relationship between humankind and Spirit (or God). Humankind, then, reflects the subconscious assumptions it has impressed upon Spirit. The actions we take are always in alignment with the underlying subconscious assumptions.

Everything you see in your objective experience can be traced to an inward subconscious assumption. Therefore, if you want a new outer experience, then you must begin with the inner subconscious assumption.

Second: Understand How Experience is Built

“What we are conscious of is constructed out of what we are not conscious of.” Your subconscious assumptions (aka your beliefs) do not just influence your behavior, they also determine the shape and texture of your objective existence.

Every potential exists — i.e. manned space flight, traveling to distant galaxies, finding cures for so-called incurable diseases — but only those awakened by a subconscious assumption become flesh. I believe we’re each here to awaken subconscious assumptions that make life better for everyone on the planet.

The subconscious never sleeps. But while you sleep, it “releases from the treasure house of eternity” the subconscious assumptions you’ve impressed upon it through your beliefs. Therefore, be mindful of what you accept as a belief for it will find its way into your living experience.

Third: Unlock God’s Treasury Through Prayer

Prayer is the key which unlocks the infinite storehouse.”

The conscious mind learns through inductive reasoning. Its conclusions come from observation, experience and education. Generally, it cannot believe beyond what it takes in through the five senses and logic.

By contrast, the subconscious mind learns through¬†deductive reasoning. The subconscious is wholly unconcerned with whether something can be done based on what appears. It assumes the premise —¬†given to it by the conscious mind — is true and it moves¬†as if it can be done.

So, what if you want something that’s never been done before or that you’re having a hard time believing you can do?

That’s where prayer comes in.¬†“Prayer modifies or completely changes our subconscious assumptions, and a change of assumption is a change of expression.” A new assumption in the subconscious produces a new result.

Fourth: Prayer Is Entirely About Impressing the Subconscious

Prayer is the “art of believing what is denied by the senses.” Through prayer, you ignore what is and give your attention wholly to what can be. You ignore the condition in the body and give to your subconscious a premise that perfect is true for you. Disregard the condition in your finances and give to your subconscious a premise that God’s abundance is true for you.

More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of. (Alfred Lord Tennyson)

Because the subconscious faithfully executes the premises it accepts, your one job is to pray about a thing until your subconscious accepts that premise as true. You cannot afford gossip, worry, doubt, anxiety, fear, anger, etc. because they stand at cross-purposes with the thing you want.

The good news is that the subconscious is controlled entirely by suggestion but you must persist with the same suggestion until you get the result you want. The subconscious does not concern itself with whether a premise is true or false. Once accepted, it moves as if what has been believed can be accomplished and it produces a result consistent with the premise.

When this dawns in you, you will know that everything is possible if¬†you give your subconscious the right suggestions. Your future lies entirely within what you’re willing to pray for fervently today.

Fifth: Focus on the Creating the Right Premise

I don’t ever have to be jealous of someone else’s blessings. No one is having an experience of abundance that I cannot create for myself. Instead of being jealous, I focus on influencing the subconscious through right belief, feeling and time. I pay no attention to what another has, other than to witness what can be done through working with God.

Make a definite daily appointment to practice feeling and believing what you want to see in expression. I have found that timers are my best friend In fact, I just purchased a new desk timer to work with.

Set your timer for 5-10 minutes and just relax in the experience of what you want to see happen. Do not concern yourself with how it shall work out. That isn’t your business. “I of myself can do nothing, the Father within me. He doeth the work.”

Instead, give your attention to the feeling of the completed experience. Give it as much texture as possible. Experience it through all your five senses. What you will discover is that an inner conviction for the thing you want develops within you. Eventually, that inner conviction forms into an unshakable belief.

Sixth: Learn to Create a State of Controlled Reverie

“The subjective mind is completely controlled by suggestion. Ideas are best suggested when the objective mind is partly subjective…when the objective senses are diminished.”

Learn to put your objective mind in a “controlled reverie” where it is passive but still able to absorb information. “It is a concentration of attention.” Mantras can help the objective mind slow down and focus so that suggestions may be passed to the subjective mind without interference.

Prayer works when your mind is free of conflict. I have found that if I concentrate on my breathing, I can put my conscious mind in this state. I practice something called “box breathing.” I use music to help accomplish this technique.

Very simply, inhale for four counts, hold for four counts, exhale for four counts, hold for four counts. While my conscious mind focuses on my breath, I can offer suggestions to my subjective mind without obstruction.

How Do You Relax Your Objective Mind?

There are plenty of techniques out there for relaxing the objective mind. In the comments, please share a specific technique you’ve used to put your objective mind in a state of passive non-resistance. You never know whom you might inspire with your response.

Step Seven: Recognize Your Power

Step Seven in the spiritual awakening process is to recognize your power. What do I mean?

You have God-given tools with which ¬†you can shape your world. Your¬†product – which is your life – reveals the skill with which your tools have been employed. “A mediocre product is the sign of a mediocre worker; a superior product is the sign of a worker who has some advantage over the one whose product is mediocre” (Shanklin, p. 107).

The advantage is not because of some innate ability. You determine the superiority or the mediocrity of your life by your use of your God-given tools.

No one has an advantage over you. All gifts are natural gifts. There is no such thing as an unnatural gift. What seems to be an extra special dispensation in a particular area is simply someone who made right use of their God-given tools.

Whomever you are now impressed by was once a beginner. She stood right where you now stand, looking out on a world of possibility. The only real separator between she and you is that she put one foot in front of the other and began the process for becoming a master at her craft.

Every accomplished person first recognized her power to shape her world as she saw fit and then began the task of using God-given tools to do so.

So, let’s talk about these tools because I want you to really become impressed with you.

#1 You Have a Brain. Use it.

“Your brain is solely for your use; it is the only brain in the world whose work can be of particular value to you. Think; do not be content in playing at thinking; dormant cells will awake and all awake cells will work for you” (Shanklin, p. 109).

Stop being satisfied with just skimming the surface of a particular area of knowledge. Push yourself to do a deep dive into things that interest you. If you love flowers, go all out on your flower knowledge. Study flowers until they reveal their secrets to you. If you love nutrition, do a deep dive on nutrition. Probe the depths of research available until the subject of nutrition reveals its secrets to you.

When we do a deep dive into a particular field or area of learning, we change how our brain is wired on a deep level. We literally activate parts of our brain that were previously dormant. In the beginning, the deep dive feels stiff and awkward. But as we delve further, the information becomes easier to assimilate and understand. What this deep dive actually does is help our brains optimize for a new way of thinking, through a process called myelination (Source).

#2 You Have a Body. Train It to Serve You, Not Rule You.

How many times have you heard someone say, “my feet are talking to me,” or “my back is talking to me.” “Always keep your mind and your body in correct relationship; mind, the director; body, the agent” (Shanklin, p.110).

Your body reflects your mind; it is the witness to the sum total of your thinking or your inner conversation. Every improvement that you make in your mind shows up next in your body.

Remind yourself often that you are charge. Your body must follow what you tell it to do. Whatever impulse has arisen – the desire for sweets, the desire to procrastinate, whatever – it will fade away if you do not become involved with it.Do not be ruled by your impulses. Your body is not the boss of you. ūüôā

#3 You Have an Environment. Fill It With God.

“Never put into your environment anything that can hamper your most accurate expression of the God idea. You have to associate with and to do business with the ideas, the thoughts, the fancies that you give shelter in your consciousness” (Shanklin, p. 110).

Your environment is both physical and mental. Physically, I am referring to where you go, the people you associate with, the kinds of media you consume, etc. Whatever you take in, will find expression in you. Cravings do not come out of the blue. They are birthed by the things you permit in your environment.

Mentally, I am referring to the thoughts and feelings you allow in your mind. Emotions are one of our greatest tools. We can use them to drive us to great heights. Or, we can misuse them to keep us in bed 3 to 4 days running, feeling down about a particular thing.

#4 You Have God’s Law of Increase. Let No Opportunity Go Unattempted.

Use is the law of increase. Take a look at the first 5 minutes of this video of Benjamin Zander explaining how a young child learns to play the piano.

Everything you continually do gets better. Mix in the intention to get better and you have the recipe for becoming a true master.

Wherever you want to become an expert, you can. Wherever you want to leave your mark, you can. Begin now. Start your lessons. If you persist, you will get better. If you intend to get better, your success is assured.

#5 You Have Ability. Discover Your Known and Unknown Talents.

I really want you to become impressed with you!

I really want you to become impressed with you!

“You have apparent ability and nonapparent ability. Your apparent ability is the ability that you have developed. Your nonapparent ability is the ability that now is dormant in you; you can rouse this ability and set it to work for you” (Shanklin, p. 115). Again, my goal for this post is to get you to become super impressed with yourself.

You have talents that you do not even know about right now. Think about that.

Available to you right now is the genius of God. Why? Because you are an emanation of the One Power. Because you are God incarnate. What you have accomplished so far in your life is an infinitely small fraction of what you can accomplish.

There’s so much good in you it’s not even funny! We often use the Bible verse “do not judge by appearances” to admonish ourselves not to make snap judgments about others. But I want to turn that verse on you and speak to the snap judgments you make about yourself.

You are so incredible! Eye has not seen and ear has not heard what is possible for one who knows that she is divine!

#6 You Have an Attitude. Let It Take You Higher.

Most of your nonapparent ability – the deeply wonderful parts of you that you cannot even fathom – stays beneath the surface of your living reality because of your attitude.

You must be willing to co-operate with the laws of God in order to bring the best of you into expression. Planes that do not co-operate with the law of aerodynamics cannot fly. Ships that do not co-operates with the law of the open sea cannot sail. Everything that operates must co-operate with the laws that govern its use.

You, too. The laws that govern you and the expression of your ability require right thinking, feeling, speaking, acting and reacting. The wrong attitude keeps the wrong words in your mouth and the wrong thoughts in your mind.

You must be willing to co-operate with the laws of life.

“Opportunity is everywhere, always…You cannot escape from it. Earth, heaven, and hell are crammed with opportunity…Life is opportunity…You choose and use, or you choose and neglect” (Shanklin, p. 121).

Your attitude can make or break you. It cannot get rid of your God-given tools. Those are yours forever and always. But it can keep you from using them to their fullest. Let your attitude support your success.

How did I do? Are you more impressed with you? Are you more curious about the parts of you that have yet to be discovered? In the comments below, let me know what part of your God-given tools resonated with you the most and how you plan to put it into expression. You never know whom you might inspire with your response.

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Overnight Success is a Bad Joke

Wouldn’t it be great if overnight success was real? Who hasn’t has a moment of wishing a particular journey was done? I know I’ve wished for overnight success a time or two as I struggled to grasp how to develop into a successful worldwide ministry. Can’t I just skip one step?


Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle, Winner of Britain’s Got Talent


We delight in stories about people like Susan Boyle, the less classically young winner of Britain’s Got Talent. Seemingly, she sang this one song (I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables) and the rest is history. These stories make us wish for that moment when providence smiles on us and suddenly we are catapulted from our current situation into a preferable reality – one where we’re successful and happy and recognized for our talents.




In truth, Susan labored in obscurity for years attempting to make it as a singer. She’s been singing since she was a little girl. She’s professionally trained. She performed locally, recorded music for film and had enjoyed some very limited international success. Those who do not recognize that life is lived from the inside out believe her success started on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent.



Life is consciousness. You may have only that for which you’ve developed the consciousness to hold, and nothing more. Susan built the consciousness that brought about that moment on Britain’s Got Talent. All the vocal lessons, all the successful and unsuccessful auditions, all the local singing competitions she’d lost and won finally built the mental container (consciousness) that allowed us to witness publicly what Susan had been developing inwardly for year.



Where you’re going is a secret only if you do not know that life is lived from the inside out. Life ceases to be a mystery when you take a step back to look at what you’re doing on a daily basis. If you change nothing about the action you’re taking on a daily basis, where do you believe you’ll end up? Are you willing to take the action needed to build the mental container (consciousness) for what you really and truly want?



Here’s my call to action for you: 1) Decide what you want, and 2) Begin to take daily action toward that desired outcome. Let go of how it will happen. You will never be given the full picture anyway. Just get started!



In the comments below, let me know what goal you’re working toward. And, list at least three things you plan to do this week to reach for that goal. You can have it all…IF you will supply the mental container to hold that all you envision for yourself.

Why Am I Sick?

I have the good fortune of being a part of an incredible community of spiritual thinkers. Nerissa and I have come up in this movement together. We had the pleasure of sharing the stage together in Toronto, Canada in 2012. She’s a powerful spiritual thinker and an awesome thinker. She got a great blog that you should check out. If you stop by her blog, tell her you heard about her from me.

As metaphysicians, we often wonder, “why am I sick?! I know principle. I know health is my birthright. So, why am I sick?”

I thought Nerissa’s post (The Surprising Reason You’re Sick) was exquisite and helps us answer the question, “Why am I sick?” In the New Thought Christian movement, we know the sickness is of the mind but that doesn’t change the fact that we sometimes express it. I still think there’s plenty of work to do to truly language illness in a way that keeps us spiritually empowered.


Take a read and feel free to comment and share.  Good work Nerissa!

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