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The Spiritual Entrepreneur’s Guide to Mental Clarity

What I Wish I’d Known About Mental Clarity When I First Launched My Business

In 2000, I launched my first official company. I struggled so much because I lacked the mental clarity to know what to do and when to do it. Overwhelmed by all the things that needed to be done, I literally felt paralyzed with inaction.

I would go to my office everyday and just start at the computer screen. If I was more of a hypochondriac, I might’ve labeled my experience an anxiety attack.

I would arrive between 9am and 10am but could not take decisive action until almost 3pm. Well, then, it was super late in the day. I started calling myself a “night owl,” and saying that I work better in the wee hours of the night.

Two things challenged me: 1) I knew what to do but couldn’t compel myself to do it; and 2) When I did not know what to do, I didn’t know how to figure it out.

I had a spiritual walk but really didn’t know how to integrate what I was studying at UP Church with what was happening in my office. Beyond praying for my success, I didn’t know how to rely on Spirit to guide me.

So, in today’s blog post, I want to give you what I didn’t have: a set of techniques to rely on Spirit the mental clarity in your business.

God not only gives you a dream, but He also gives you the blueprint to fulfill that dream. Building a business is a learning experience — you may have skills to acquire, obstacles to overcome, lessons to learn — but you do not have to guess at anything.

Universal Law Will Guide You

McArthur explains “there are three laws that define how to get the guidance you need in order to deal with any situation in your life.” They come from Jesus’ very well known advice:

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened” (Matthew 7:7-8 NIV).

In some versions, you find “shall” instead of “will be.” Rev. Della taught me that “shall” is a legal word. When it appears in contracts, whatever follows¬†must happen or the responsible party will be in violation of the contract. Therefore, you can treat these statements as spiritual promises.

If you ask, it is yours; seek, you will find; knock, the door will open. Period. These statements are spiritual laws, which means they never turn off. Something is always being given; something is always being found and some door is always being opened.

Can we become present to what we are asking, seeking, and knocking? Can we lift up our minds from the day-to-day grind of entrepreneurship to perceive the true ask on our hearts, the real seeking we are doing, and the actual door we are knocking on?

When you consciously work with Universal Law, you find that it transform you from the inside out. As you learn to supply the right input so that the Law may bring you the desired output, bad habits, limiting behaviors, and error thinking take a back seat. Eventually, as your dedication to right use of divine law intensifies, they leave the landscape of your mind.

Universal Law will guide you in the right way to build your business.

First Law: Seek and You Will Find

McArthur tweaks “seek and you will find” to read “Seek first the Spirit within and you will find.” If you do not get the answers you need, then your work is to check the type of seeking you are doing.

“You need to become a very special kind of seeker, one who knows, feels, senses, believes, or accepts — to some degree — that there is a Higher Power on which you can rely, in which you can trust” (McArthur). You do not have to know exactly what you are searching for. But you must buy into the idea that your answer will not come from you but from God.

You cannot find what you cannot believe. In fact, you find just to the degree that you believe.

Belief is an indispensable element of seeking because you never really seek what you do not believe you will find. Without a belief that a certain thing can be accomplished, you never go through the effort to try. How many businesses fail because the owner failed to believe they could overcome the obstacle before them?

One of the greatest lessons I learned while working at Donor Services Group happened when we experienced a downturn in business. The CEO gathered the leadership in the conference room and said to us, “For some of you, this may be your first time experiencing a slowdown but I’ve been here before. I know we will get through this.”

I don’t remember much else that he said but then I watched him go out and drum up more business and we were able to hire back some of the people we had to lay off.

Before you seek, check your belief because it determines what you ultimately find.

How to Be a High-Level Seeker

We’ve established that we are perpetual seekers because we always find something. But now let us be a little more targeted in our seeking.

McArthur lays out seven requirements for a seeker. I’ve adapted them for the spiritual entrepreneur.

1. Look to God within for guidance.

Back in 2000, I didn’t know how to pray to the Spirit within to overcome the inertia that kept killing my workday. Today, I won’t begin my day until I’ve checked in with Spirit on my priorities.

2. Remember: it’s not about you.

The gifts and talents with which we’ve been endowed do not belong to us. They increase in proportion and bring us joy as we share them with the world. Quite literally, your gift¬†expressed is the light of the world.

3. Your job title is co-pilot not pilot.

While the buck may stop with you in your company, the buck should never stop with you as far as you are concerned. Always appeal to your Higher Self on every matter.

4. You’re only the boss of you.

Yes, people work for you. But they have their own dreams, goals, and aspirations. Build a work atmosphere where dreams can thrive.

5. Use what you’ve got.

Make use of every truth principle you know. The Spirit will meet you at your point of limitation. Do the best you know how to do right now and let that be enough.

6. Expand your expectations.

Continually work on yourself to believe for more. The Spirit can bring you no more than you expect to receive.

7. Be alert to inspiration from every direction.

Look for the lesson in every experience not just in what happens at your office. Let every experience teach you something that you can apply to your business.

Second Law: Ask and You Will Receive

McArthur tweaks “ask and you will receive” to read “ask the Spirit, with Faith, and you will receive.” Again, we come to this element of belief. We never really ask for that which we do not believe we can have.

Perhaps we have a hang up about asking. Maybe we have gone to a friend and received bad advice that cost us something important. So, when we hear someone say, “Ask the Spirit,” it brings to mind all the times we’ve asked of friends and gotten a raw deal.

Or, maybe we¬†know we can get an answer from a physical person, even if it’s a bad answer. But we do not have the same level of certainty that we can receive an answer from intangible, invisible Spirit. We have no concept of what it means to reach for an answer on a higher level of consciousness than the one from which we created the problems we now face.

We cannot trust the friends we turn to; but neither do we have the Faith to trust God for the answer. So, we rely on our own brain power. As McArthur writes, “We create problems by relying on our minds for answers, then we expect that same mind to figure out the right answer.”

Asking God for the answer is important because it sends a signal to the deeper mind that something is coming and it’s not coming from you. You make an impression in the subconsciousness that an answer exists. And, you open the doorway for that answer to find you because you dared to ask.

What Kind of Universe Do You Live In?

Einstein said, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” How we see the universe determines what we will ask. Making this decision will alter everything — you, your business, your relationships, etc.

So, how do you see this world? Is it mean? Is it dog-eat-dog? A sad state of affairs? Going to hell in a hand basket?

To tap the limits of your success as a spiritual entrepreneur, take some time to settle this question on your heart. Can you consider all that is happening in the physical world and still conclude that you live in a friendly universe?

In¬†The Science of Being Great, Wattles writes, “The distinguishing characteristic of all really great men and women is an unwavering faith.” What do they have faith in? That the world and all it contains is perfect, though not completed.

Here me out. I do not advocate passivity in the face of gross injustice.

Everything is created twice. Whatever you see outwardly was first created inwardly. The science of the mind does not change because of injustice or severe tragedy. The extreme nature of injustice or tragedy can make it difficult to see Mind at work. But, you can trust that God never changes.

The savagery between the races or countries could not appear outwardly unless it was crated first inwardly. Nothing better shall be possible until we ask for something different.

The Spiritual Entrepreneur holds the important role of raising the consciousness of humankind to a higher viewpoint. The cure for every inharmony we see in the world lies in the¬† hearts and minds of the men and women who dare to see something greater — in the midst of seeming chaos — and to¬†ask for it.

Third Law: Knock and the Door Will Open

McArthur tweaks “knock and the door will open” to read “knock with faith in Spirit, and the door will be opened.” This step in receiving guidance is about taking action. Nothing really happens until you move.

Nothing changed for me in my business until I got hired onto a project as the Production Secretary. That job then led to every other project that followed.

If you feel stuck, take action. Get moving and the Universe will shift and begin to bring you other opportunities. McArthur explains further, “You knock by accepting and using that which you receive.”

A bridge can always be built from where you are to where you want to be. You are never so far off track that you cannot connect to the Spirit within and get back on track.

So the question is what have you been given from your asking and what have you received from your seeking? Whatever it is, it’s exactly what you need to put to work right now.

When I was sitting at my desk, paralyzed with inaction, the only thing I could receive or be given was a job. It wasn’t the entrepreneurial windfall I wanted but it got the ball rolling in other areas. That position gave me skills and insight that I didn’t know I needed to be a more effective entrepreneur. I didn’t know my answer to what I would need would come in the form of the very thing I was avoiding.

Whenever you face a situation and don’t know what to do or the condition seems hopeless, figure out what you have been given and what you have received and make use of t hat.

Whatever you have is exactly what you need to succeed. Now use it!

Putting the Laws to Work for Your Business

What we all want is mental clarity. We want to know that the decision that we are making is the right decision. If I could speak to my 30-year-old self who was struggling to figure out why she couldn’t take action on a dram that meant so much to her, I would say, “You need to get in touch with Spirit and stay in touch with Spirit to get mental clarity on how to build this business.”

Then I would explain (using McArthurs’ words) that, “The legs, the foundations of attunement are prayer, meditation, and faith.” You need the faith to believe that you live in a friendly universe and can receive the answers to the questions you have. Then, you need to act like it by showing up every morning for a meeting with God and asking those questions.

“The basic requirement for this to work for you is to believe that this guidance is available, and expect to receive it. Disbelief and doubt turn off the connection” (McArthur).

Prayer and meditation can happen in a number of different ways. You can literally walk it out and/or talk it out with God. In her book,¬†The Path to Wealth, May McCarthy talks about her morning meetings with her CSO — Chief Spiritual Officer. During this quiet time, she reviews her company’s priorities with the CSO and adjusts them as she feels guided and directed.

In his book, Walking Your Blues Away, Thom Hartmann talks about taking your concerns on a walk and letting the bipedal motion of walking begin to shake up the energy in your body and mind so that you can hear the divine right answer.

Bottom line: BELIEVE you can get your answers answered by Spirit and REACH for those answers!

My Call to Action

What question do you need to have answered by Spirit right now? In the comments below, list your specific question. You never know who you might inspire with your question and you never know if the answer to your question may arrive via the comments section of this blog. Take a chance!

A Testimony for The Money Poems

“I experienced how The Money Poems work one day while cooking dinner. I’d just started reciting my poems two days prior, when our internet went out at the house.

My mother had gotten out of the hospital a few weeks prior. Since my parents are retired, the hospital stay altered their monthly income. Basically, things were tight and my father needed an extra week to pay the full amount.

He called to get an extension and reconnection of services. The customer service representative told him there was nothing that could be done until the full amount was paid.

When my dad told me what was said, I encouraged him to call back. I also suggested my mother be with him on the phone for the second call.

As my parents sat in the home office waiting to speak to a representative for the second time, I completed dinner and picked up my copy of The Money Poems. I began reciting, softly, the poem of the day, which was Wednesday. I would recite the poem and go back to reading the book.

Once I heard them on the phone with the new representative and his supervisor, I continuously recited the Wednesday poem. I was relaxed and smiling every time I recited the poem. Once I felt completely at ease, I stopped and continued to read the book.

When my parents completed their phone call, they informed me that the supervisor saw they’d never been disconnected before and agreed to turn on the internet service within the hour. I smiled to myself and announced dinner was ready.”

~ Dee Johnson (Houston, TX)

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