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When I came to Reverend Sherri I was at a point in my life where everything was out of balance. I AM now walking in authority. I AM showing up as the Divine Creation that I want to be and see.

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Stacy Waring,
Harlem, NY

Before taking Bible Classes with Rev. Sherri, I would go to sleep every time I attempted to read the Bible. Rev. Sherri has helped me to “be transformed by the renewing of my mind” ...I am not the same. I am a unique, unrepeatable, miracle of God!

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Angela Nirvana,
Los Angeles, CA

Working with Sherri James has helped me to lift the veil of ignorance that has obscured me from my true Self…the God Self. I've dared to express the gifts...inside of me. I AM commanding opportunities to do what I love (photography, social media, public speaking and teaching). I AM showing up as the Divine Creation that I want to be and see.

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Danna Kiel,
Los Angeles, CA

Your class cleared up so much for me with regard to forgiveness. Prior to this class, I found it difficult to forgive because I felt it was admitting guilt or reconciliation. Since the class I am more ready to say “I forgive you and I forgive me”. I had a very sensitive situation in my [Continue Reading]

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Robin Johnson,

Dear Rev. Sherri, you are just an unbelievable dynamo!!! Thank you so much for your Forgiveness class. I began thinking I had no one to forgive but as I progressed I realized that there was a literal floodgate of those I hadn't released; it has been a very liberating and freeing experience. I wasn't always [Continue Reading]

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Margaret Garvin,

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