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Why You Are the Cause of All That Happens To You

The law of cause and effect is one of those things that pulls people “off the fence.” Either you believe in it or you believe there must be an exception. Those who believe in it tend to be diehards. Those who do not insist upon exceptions.

What Is the Law of Cause and Effect?

Simply stated, the law of cause and effect says that “for every effect, there is a cause.” Nothing just happens. Everything happens just. Every effect has a cause, whether you can easily identify that cause or not.

Edgar Cayce referred often to the physical world as “a causation world.” Fillmore and other New Thought pioneers refer to our world as “the realm of cause.” “Nothing that happens in our world or to us personally ever happens by itself or without cause” (McArthur).

Here’s the kicker: You are the cause…

Well…your inner self sets in motion the cause. “No fault, no hurt comes to you except that you have created in your consciousness, in your inner self, the cause” (McArthur).

Place No Blame, Elicit No Guilt

In my opinion, our tendency to blame or guilt others for the things that happen to us keeps us from fully accepting the law of cause and effect. “We would rather blame our problems and failures on our parents or spouse or the government or some other organization or condition” (McArthur). We come with dozens of reasons to explain why things happened as they did but none of those reasons includes an acceptance of personal responsibility.

McArthur recommends that we forgive ourselves for those things which we regret. “Life is not a judgment process; it is a learning process. Be thankful for all that is happening or has happened to you, for it can teach you important lessons if you accept it as an opportunity to learn and look for the good in it” (McArthur).

As I see it, the tendency to blame or guilt others for our own experience sets in motion a recurring experience through which we never grow. Like the hamster on the treadmill, we keep running past the same kinds of experience just wearing different pants and chewing a differently flavored gum.

How to Exit the Treadmill of Repeating Experiences

How can you take yourself off the treadmill of repeating experiences? Realize that nothing happens by chance. “Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause; everything happens according to law; chance is but a name for a law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the law” (McArthur).

Then make a decision to get off the treadmill. Motivational speaker and author Lisa Nichols shares a powerful realization that helped her decide get off the treadmill of repeating experiences.

You must decide within yourself that enough is enough. In the words of famous words of Civil Rights Activist Fannie Lou Hamer: “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

Make a declaration that no matter what your experience looks like, you can do something about it. You may appear to be stuck but you are not stuck. Today you can do something about where you are in life.

Everything Can Be Traced to Choice

Every experience can be traced to the choice the created or invited it. “Through the laws of attraction you were drawn to earth and to the place, position, race, family, and parents through which your needs could be met. The Creator does not do things haphazardly. You came by law” (McArthur).

Many people declare, “I didn’t choose this!” Or, “this child didn’t choose these circumstances.” I always wonder…in a universe where we have been given free choice, where does that free choice begin and end? And, how is it that a universe that operates according to perpetual, unchanging law, would manage to create a condition that operated in certain situations but not in others.

If you ever have the power of choice, you always have the power of choice. You may unknowingly make choices that lead to circumstances you would not consciously choose. But in a universe governed by spiritual law, every experience arrives because of an invitation. No invitation (sent by thought) means no experience.

Every experience has come about as another step for your development. So, take your eyes off what you do not like about it and give your attention wholly to what this experience seeks to develop in you.

The Universe Handles the Details

We explored this concept in the law of increase but it bears repeating: our business lies in the realm of seed planting and cultivating the soil. We do not control how or when the increase happens.

Expressed in the language of the bible: I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth (I Corinthians 3:6). Manifestation cannot happen without the intervention of God. But God cannot do His part until we have done our part by planting and watering.

Once you have set the pattern for your good through what you have sown and how you have sown it and through the cultivation of your mind, the Creative Forces of the Universe take over and do the work. “Handling details is generally considered a conscious mind experience. However, the conscious mind does not know all of the variables in any situation. Only Infinite Intelligence has this knowledge” (McArthur).

Once we plant the seed and cultivate the land, we must release the effort to the Creative Forces of the Universe. Let go and let God.

Work the Law in the Highest Way Possible

Think the best thoughts you know how to think. Feel the best feelings you know how to feel. Speak the best words you know how to speak. Act in the best manner that you know how to act. And, respond to life in the best way you know how to respond.

Every thought, word and action sows a seed across the spiritual, mental and physical planes of life. You cannot course correct once the seed is sown. You can only make a change to the seed before you plant it. Monitor your inner chatter; it controls the types of seeds you sow as well as the soil in which you plant them.

Set aside definite periods to program your inner chatter for greatness. Read positive literature. Memorize affirmative Bible verses. Commit to memory those things that are worthy of repeating in your mind over and over again.

The law of cause and effect always works. But you are responsible for working it in the highest way possible.

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